Jon He

Jon He

Lecturer, Te Rewa o Puanga - the School of Music and Creative Media Production

Dr. Jon He is an experimental sound and integrated media artist, and researcher. He works within a hybridized culture of art and technology, exploring the frontiers of interaction and expression in time-based art forms using emerging technologies.

His research focuses on understanding and modelling the control, communication, and interaction in (between) body control structures and machines; and, generating new interactive multimedia systems. His teaching focuses on the theory and practice of both artistic and technological skills for creative endeavours in sound and music.

  • Expertise

    Musical Interface Technology Design Space, Creative Coding, Sound and Music Signal Processing, Music Information Retrieval and Machine Learning, Experimental Sound Practices, Interactive Media for Time-based Art Forms.

  • Qualifications

    Masters of Fine Arts in Music Technology: Interaction, Intelligence, and Design; and Integrated Media.

    Ph.D (Victoria University of Wellington)