Julieanna Preston

Julieanna Preston

Professor of Spatial Practice and MFA coordinator, Ngā Pae Māhutonga Wellington School of Design

Dr Julieanna Preston is an artist, writer and spatial designer whose work spans site-responsive live art performances, installations, moving image and textual expression known as performance writing, site-writing or art-writing. Her practice considers material ethics, vitality and agency related to new materialist and posthuman philosophy. Often speculative, these works are infused with subjectivity and the politics of emotions specific to cultural and environmental issues of a place.

Supported by residencies, awards and invitations, her creative works have been presented in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden, UK and USA. Her written scholarship extends to international audiences in peer-reviewed books, chapters, and articles by highly-regarded publishers such as Bloomsbury, Intellect, Wiley and AADR. Julieanna is a supervisor to PhD, MFA, MDes and BDes (hons) students.

  • Expertise

    Performance, live art, performance writing, spatial design, New Materialism and Posthumanism, material processes, creative practice research.

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  • Research Highlights

    Preston, J. (2019). Vital Tones [performance]. Voice and the Unknown Symposium, The Red Room, Inter Arts Centre, Målmo, Sweden.

    Preston, J. (2019). “You are embued with tolerance …”. Architecture and Culture, 7(1), 31-43. doi:10.1080/20507828.2018.1551050

    Preston, J. (2018). four castings [artist's pages]. Performance Research, 23(2), 21-24.

    Preston, J., & Archer-Martin, J. (2018). Performing Bitumen, Materialising Desiré. In M. Voyatzaki (Ed.), Architectural Materialisms: Non-human Creativity. Edinburgh University Press. Retrieved from https://edinburghuniversitypress.com/book-architectural-materialisms.html

    Preston, J., & O'Hara, W. (2018). On duration. Performance Research: a journal of the performing arts, 23(4-5), 191. doi:10.1080/13528165.2018.1514778

    Preston, J., Lloyd-Thomas, K., Chilies, P., Tofield, T., Howarth, P., Ghazi, E., . . . De la Haye, D. (2017, April 20). "murmur" [performance] at west fragment of Old Town Wall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK as part of a Visiting Professorship and artist's residency (21 March-27 April 2017) with The School of Architecture Planning and Landscape and Culture Lab, Newcastle University [bodies, voices, stone wall, score]. Old Town Wall, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK.

    Preston, J. (2017). SPEAK matter, SPEAK!. Studies in Material Thinking, 16(How matter comes to matter through transversal practice: Matter, ecology and relationality), 2-10. Retrieved from http://www.materialthinking.org/

    Preston, J. (2016). "Waning" [live art performance, three days: mixed media + solo exhibition "Waxing", seven days: 25 A2 graphite on newsprint drawings and props at ONCA: Centre for Art and Ecology, Brighton, UK]. Birling Gap/ Seven Sisters, Sussex, UK.

    Preston, J. (2016). Utter matter, condensed. In P. Rawes, T. Mathews, & S. Loo (Eds.), Poetic Biopolitics: New Political and Ethical Practices in the Arts (pp. 134-147). London & New York: I. B. Tauris. Retrieved from http://www.ibtauris.com/

    Preston, J. (2015). Reconciling carboniferous accretions: A performative script. Architecture and Culture, 3(3), 281-296. Retrieved from http://www.tandfonline.com/loi/rfac20

    Preston, J. (2013). utter matter. In T. Matthews, P. Rawes, & S. Morris (Eds.), Poetic Biopolitics: new political and ethical practices in the arts and
    . I B Tauris.


  • Qualifications

    PhD (2013, RMIT)

    MARCH (1990, Cranbrook Academy of Art)

    BARCH (1983, VA Tech)

  • Professional Affiliations

    Society of Artistic Research


    Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

    Interior Design/ Interior Architecture Educator’s Association

    Architectural Humanities Research Association