Mark Bradford

Mark Bradford

Senior lecturer, Ngā Pae Māhutonga - The School of Design

Dr. Mark Bradford is a designer exploring leadership development within in contemporary creative practice through theoretical and applied design research. His interdisciplinary research explores how design is increasingly enacted relationally between people participating through a designing process. Through his research he designed the ‘BeWeDō® framework’ — a unique motion-led experience which actively engages both the body and mind through physical movement to develop relational leadership skills for co-creation. It is about 'thinking while moving' — generating co-creative movement — inspired by the Japanese martial art of Aikidō. Dr Bradford teaches across the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

  • Expertise

    BeWeDō®; Co-creation; Creative thinking; Creative practice; interdisciplinary; Ethnography; Design; Graphic design; Brand identity; Interface design; Leadership development; Relational leadership; Aikidō Shinryukan.

  • Research Highlights

    The BeWeDō® framework
    I have delivered conference Papers on the BeWeDō® framework and led BeWeDō® Kenkyukai (research seminar) in Slovenia, England, the USA and New Zealand with 180+ participant’s to date. If you have any questions or are curious to learn more about how the BeWeDō® approach can benefit your organisation please contact me: telephone +64 210514498, email, or tweet me @markjbradford. For the latest please join the conversation on Twitter at @BeWeDo and/or follow the hashtag #BeWeDō.

    Article - 'Drawing-acts and the activity of designing' (2017) 
    Published 'Drawing-acts and the activity of designing' in the ‘Drawing: Research, Theory, Practice' journal.

    Article - 'BeWeDō®: 'A dynamic approach to leadership development for co-creation' (2017)
    Published 'BeWeDō®: A dynamic approach to leadership development for co-creation' in the prestigious ‘Leadership’ journal.

    PhD thesis – ‘BeWeDō®: co-creating possibilities with movement' (2015)
    This interdisciplinary research is the first to investigate how the movement practices of the Japanese martial art of Aikidō can facilitate leadership development for co-creation. The ethnographic research generated a unique conceptual framework called BeWeDō®. This framework is an interactive experience designed to develop the relational leadership skills required to generate co-creative possibilities within social innovation projects within a design process. website
    Commissioned to design, a website capturing the artistic practice and research of performance artist David Cross - work described bluntly by Cross as “Hawaiian shirt” loud! The design was awarded Silver (Best Interactive Design: Small Scale Website) in the Designers Institute of New Zealand ‘BEST Awards’ 2010. Bradford’s research (a) extended the communication and interaction possibilities of Cross’s work both face to face and at a distance with various artworld audiences and (b) substantially improved Cross’s ‘social scalability’ in relation to the exploratory nature of Cross’s practice. The design is also adaptable in relation to a range of future needs. The next phase of the project will involve live video feeds of Cross’s performances from around the world. 

  • Qualifications

    PhD (Massey University)

    MFA (RMIT University)

    BFA (Canterbury University)



  • Professional Affiliations

    Aiki Extensions

    Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ)