Rodney Adank

Rodney Adank

Associate Professor - Industrial Design, Ngā Pae Māhutonga Wellington School of Design

Rodney Adank works across areas of affective design, ergonomics, product design and development. He has special interests in: seating and adhocism, usability due to sensory experience, resilient design in relation to disaster contexts, and design theory in relation to methods and creativity.


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  • Expertise

    Ergonomics and human factors, usability and user experience, product design and development, industrial design, adhocism.

  • Research Highlights

    Adank, R. G. (2015). Move Over Rover (furniture). In J. Preston,  & A. Geczy, (Curators), Virtually Pop (pp. 6) ISBN 978-0-646-93725-0 June, 29 - July 1.

    Adank, R. G., & Warell, A. (2008). "Five senses testing" - Assessing and predicting sensory experience of product design. In P. M. A. Desmet, J. van Erp, & M. A. Karlsson (Eds.), Design & emotion moves (pp. 35-58). United Kingdom: Cambridge Scholars
    A methodology and strategy of three separate approaches to address the different demands of design researchers operating in the area of 'affective design'. This unpacked Desmett’s (2002) theory of 'product emotion' to achieve a greater understanding for designers involved in the development of new products and product experience.

    Adank, R. G., & Snowdon, J. (2008). Quick deployment disaster shelters: building community through design. In E. Seville, S. Wilkinson, R. Potangaroa, & J. Le Masurier (Eds.), (pp. 11 pages). Christchurch, New Zealand: Resilient Organisations, University of Canterbury
    This research identified the context, influencing factors, projections of demand and human experience factors for a temporary quick deployment shelter. The paper addressed user experience, latent needs such as the development of community and identity and broader stakeholder needs of refurbishment, redeployment, packaging and handling through a product design response.

    Industrial Competitiveness through Design for Desirability (2007-2009)
    As a lead researcher within Affect - the Centre for Affective Design at Massey University, Adank contributed to a range of industry-based workshops, funded by the New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission: Growth Innovation Pilot Initiative. Industry participation from NZ manufacturers included: Macpac, Tait Electronics, Fisher & Paykel, Gallagher, Ludowici Plastics, Mountain Buggy, and Navman.
    Activities focused on: perceptual product experience, product evoked emotion and sensory experience, generating knowledge exchange between companies and the promulgation of contemporary and explorative methods and approaches from design research. 

  • Qualifications

    Dip Industrial Design (Wellington Polytechnic)
    MDes with Distinction (Massey University)

  • Professional Affiliations

    Designers Institute of New Zealand (DINZ)
    Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand Inc
    Industrial Design Society of America (IDSA)
    Product Development Management Association (PDMA)